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We supply the basics needed for the art of rug hooking. Because we are a small company, we only offer one style of frame and one cutter at this time. All of our supplies have been tried and tested and are all the very best at what they do to help our art form. Each item has a full description but if you have further questions about any item, please contact us.


Scissors, German offset, beveled small





Jane Olson Hook


Olson Hook

Green Valley Acrylic Hooks


Blue Marble
Tobacco Marble
Caribbean Swirl
Silver Marble
Scarlet Black
Orange(w/black swirl)
Polar Ice Swirl
Persimmon Swirl
Lime/Black Marble
Jade Swirl
Red/Silver Marble
Tangerine Ribbon
Purple Haze

Green Valley hooks

Grey Dye Spoons
Set of 3, includes all six measurements:

1/128 tsp.
1/64 tsp.
1/32 tsp.
1/16 tsp.
1/8 tsp.
1/4 tsp.


Grey Dye Spoons

Cushing Dye – various colors:

Wood Rose; Wild Rose
Strawberry; American Beauty
Lavender; Violet; Purple
Bright Purple; Wine; Garnet
Mulberry; Burgundy; Plum
Navy Blue; Blue; Sky Blue
Turquoise Blue; Turquoise
Aquagreen; Bright Green
Myrtle Green; Green
Reseda Green; Dark Green
Bronze Green; Olive Green
Khaki; Khaki Drab; Bronze
Buttercup Yellow; Nugget Gold
Yellow; Aqualon Yellow
Old Ivory; Apricot; Orange
Turkey Red; Cardinal; Terra Cotta; Rust; Mummy Brown
Brown Rust; Golden Brown; Medium Brown; Light Brown
Spice Brown; Mahogany
Seal Brown; Taupe; Dark Brown
Silver Gray; Black


Cushing Dyes

Rug Binding Tape:
various colors, call or email for current color availability.


Rug Binding Tape

Schulle Floor Frame


Schulle Frame

This is a picture of my old Schulle frame. This was a hand-me-down from Jane about 6 years ago. I am not sure how long she used it before I got it but I have been brutal to it over the past 6 years and it keeps performing! I love this frame. It comes apart and folds up fairly flat so it is easy to travel with. -Gita

Bliss Cutter
includes one blade of your choice


Bliss Cutter

Blades for Bliss Cutter:

# 3
# 4
# 5
# 6
# 7
# 8
# 8.5
# 9
# 10


Bliss Blade